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ADHD treatment

Our special procedure for Teens

An overview of ADHD Treatment

ADHD is associated with poor time management skills, disorganization or lack of focus struggles in academics, organisation or impulsivity. Teens with ADHD have trouble filtering out the sensory overload they experience every day and as a result, have a hard time directing their attention. Also, Adolescents suffering from ADHD have more trouble maintaining healthy friendships and are four times more likely to commit traffic violations and/or be in a car accident

ADHD solutions

If it is determined that your teenager has ADHD, we can help you identify, understand and address the underlying causes of your teenagers difficulties. There are simple, straightforward strategies that can be used to best address your teen’s specific needs. I can help your teen gain awareness of his or her destructive behaviors, their consequences, and offer options that promote more productive outcomes. Teens with ADHD often have low self-esteem as they grapple to understand why they behave certain ways and why everything seems to be harder for them than for others. In Therapy, your teen can better understand who he or she is and begin making more informed and empowering choices, which can increase self-esteem and reduce impulsive or rebellious behaviors

Your teen can learn to relax and express him or herself through activities such as sports, journaling and other creative arts. With the right therapist and approach, ADHD in teens is very manageable. In therapy, your teen can learn to recognize and build upon his or her strengths and develop skills to move forward with greater focus, confidence and success