Pricing and Insurance

Pricing and Insurance Rvccounseling Pricing Average cost (per session) – $175 – $200 Accepts Insurance- Yes Accepted Insurance Plans Amerihealth Caritas MedStar Magellan Medicaid DC Medicaid Beacon BlueCross and BlueShield Blue Cross Blue Choice Care First Out of Network

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Get out of your addiction Rvccounseling An Overview of Substance Abuse Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT is a widely studied approach that has been found to be effective in treating a variety of problems, including managing alcoholic abuse and other addictive substances(marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc). It is a relatively straightforward approach to therapy […]

Dating and Relationships

know more about us Dating and Relationships know more about us Rvccounseling An Overview of Dating and Relationships Dating and Relationships can be complicated sometimes. You may feel lonely or invisible around your partner, long for more attention, affection or closeness, Your communication becomes tense, volatile or non-existent, You are nostalgic for how it used […]

ADHD Treatment

ADHD Treatment

ADHD Treatment Our special procedure for Teens Rvccounseling An overview of ADHD Treatment ADHD is associated with poor time management skills, disorganization or lack of focus struggles in academics, organisation or impulsivity. Teens with ADHD have trouble filtering out the sensory overload they experience every day and as a result, have a hard time directing […]

Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment Improve your mood with our specialized program Rvccounseling An Overview of Depression Depression is often accompanied by struggling to feel and function well, feeling depleted, and discouraged, feeling too emotionally drained to connect with others, having trouble concentrating, being productive or completing basic tasks, waking up each day feeling exhausted and dreading the […]


Counseling Our experienced Psychologists are at your service with a smiling service. Rvccounseling An Overview of Counseling This involves helping you find joy, peace of mind and renewed happiness in your life. You will be able to eliminate stress, struggles in relationships, and feel good about your life. Our Therapists can help you. Feeling unhappy, highly anxious […]

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment Eliminate Excessive Fear ad Worry Rvccounseling An Overview of Anxiety Anxiety is often accompanied by excessive worry, sometimes over seemingly small issues, which can create both an emotional and physical sense of tension and dread. Also Experiencing illogical, racing or obsessive thoughts, Being Unable to Relax, having developed a pattern of avoidance or […]