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An Overview of Counseling

This involves helping you find joy, peace of mind and renewed happiness in your life. You will be able to eliminate stress, struggles in relationships, and feel good about your life. Our Therapists can help you. Feeling unhappy, highly anxious can have a grave impact in your life, especially when you are trying to juggle family and work responsibilities and still make time to care for yourself. You may be experiencing intense emotions triggered by a loss, illness or a significant life transition. You could be prone to depression or anxiety. You may have no idea why you are feeling so bad and feel guilty for not being more engaged with work or family. It’s totally normal to experience these periods of time but when these moments turn into weeks or months, it’s important to get professional help to idenntify and address your unhappiness

How we can help you

It can be helpful to have somebody point out strengths we may have, the blindspots we may not know exists and to offer a different and informed perspective. During Challenging times, it can also be beneficial to have a compassionate therapist help us identify and address those aspects of our lives and of ourselves that are causing pain

We can provide you with a safe and non-judgmental space to work through challenging emotions and painful emotions. You will get a professionals perspective, receive honest feedback and ongoing support. Together, you can identify self-limiting patterns and learn effective ways of handling stress and conflict. More importantly, You will reconnect with your inner talents, yearnings and strengths. You will like yourself again and maybe even better than before and experience more ease, flow and hoy in your life.