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Dating and Relationships

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Dating and Relationships

An Overview of Dating and Relationships

Dating and Relationships can be complicated sometimes. You may feel lonely or invisible around your partner, long for more attention, affection or closeness, Your communication becomes tense, volatile or non-existent, You are nostalgic for how it used to be with your partner, when you adored, respected and valued each other

It can be painful, frustrating and lonely to be in a relationship that is full of conflict, silently strained or disconnected. Your relationship likely began with a strong foundation that weakened over time. But now, the negative patterns may have become entrenched. You feel stuck, confused and are no longer willing to live the way you have been. You are seeking couples in marriage counsel in hopes that you can get your marriage back on track

Common problems resolved with Dating and Relationship Therapy

Unresolved Conflict

Feelings of love are weak or non-existent

Sexual or Intimacy issues

A Betrayal or Affair

Dating and Relationship Therapy can help you reconnect and make your relationship stronger. It can create more understanding and intimacy