Depression Treatment

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Depression Treatment

An Overview of Depression

Depression is often accompanied by struggling to feel and function well, feeling depleted, and discouraged, feeling too emotionally drained to connect with others, having trouble concentrating, being productive or completing basic tasks, waking up each day feeling exhausted and dreading the day.

Livin with depression can be a painful and isolating experience. Depression can make it difficult to experience joy, complete day-to-day tasks and to engage with people in your life, even those closest to you. Eating and sleeping patterns can be disrupted and self-medicating behaviors- such as using drugs or alcohol, shopping excessively or turning to food to self loathe- can develop. When you are depressed, a deep sense of isolation may encompass you and feelings of guilt, shame and self-criticism can also ensure. It’s common for people struggling with depression to blame themselves for feeling so miserable, which can lead to further isolation and self-judgement, creating a downward spiral into despair

How We can Help You

Talking with a trained mental health professional, who is experienced and truly understands depression can provide you with much relief. When in the throes of depression, many individuals develop tunnel vision and feel trapped. In your counseling sessions, you can begin to identify and address depression symptoms, learn ways to better care for yourself and those who depend on you and learn how to live your life in more constructive and empowering ways. You will be given feedback in a safe and honest environment as you explore what’s blocking your ability to feel sustained happiness. You can identify self-limiting thoughts and behaviors that you may not even know you have and learn healthier ways to cope with stress and difficult emotions. You can also learn concrete, practical ways to comfort and nurture yourself and set meaningful and attainable goals. Your therapist can point out and remind you of your strengths and aspects of your life that are positive. you can discover resources, reconnect with your inner strength and regain a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

Even though you might be feeling hopeless right now, it is possible to broaden your narrow focus and see that you can have a positive future. You can feel better about yourself and your life situation. with help, you can begin to heal, find more joy and feel like yourself again. It’s even possible to feel better than you did before. Therapy can help you get to know your self better, develop a more concrete understanding of your needs, emotions and capabilities and feel more empowered to take healthy risks